Hinge fastening angular spring hinge

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Brief description

The SAP10/3P is a high quality machine for attaching hinges with fastening prongs from the roll. The hinges are attached to your product (cases, caskets…) using this machine.

Benefits / Characteristics

    • can be used for various materials (thin walled wood types, cardboard…)
    • precision attachment of angular spring hinges
    • consistent high quality
    • ease of operation
    • meets current machine regulations 2006/42/EU “CE“
    • only branded components used
    • very maintenance friendly
    • service and maintenance available
    • Made in Germany

      Technical data

      Length 1,000 mm
      Width 570 mm
      Height 1,000 mm

      ca. 75 kg

      Noise emission:
      65 dB(A)

      Pneumatic operating pressure:
      6±0,5 bar

      Cylinder compression force:
       2 x 4700 N


      Work space (0720-2977.20):
      Length (A) 40 – 360 mm
      Length (B) 10 –infinite
      Length (C) 25 – infinite

      Work space (0720-3034.20):
      Length (A) 50 – 360 mm
      Length (B) 16 –infinite
      Length (C) 40 – infinite

      Work space (0720-2981.20):
      Length (A) 50 – 360 mm
      Length (B) 16 –infinite
      Length (C) 40 – infinite

          » Work space (Lengths A and C) » Work space (Length B)

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